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Things have been slow on the forums lately. I’ve been entrenched in painting, other team members have been working hard at their jobs or getting back into school. Some of our key developers such as Maddin have been quietly busy, fine tuning the details of the first level of our little modification. Since I don’t have anything productive or useful to contribute tonight, I feel now would be a good time to interrupt him with a blatantly weird and untimely list of questions about cats:

    Q: Maddin, where did your interest in cats begin? Have you always liked them or is it a recent development?

    A: I think it was a formative occasion which piqued my “interest”. My father once found a little cat on the road which was very rawbowned and hadn´t any owner. We then nurtured it for about a week and sadly, had to give it away to the home for animals.

    Q: What is so great about cats? How are they better than… Sloths?

    - Sloths aren´t pets.
    - Cats are looking better!
    - Cats are cute!
    - Cats are smart!
    - Cats have da powa!

    Q: Did you know that there is a species of sloth that are the only green mammal on the planet? It’s apparently due to some kinda algae that grows it’s fur.

    A: Sounds interesting.

    Q: How do you feel about Cheezburger style cat memes? Are they too often over used, or are you a big fan?

    A: Neither I hate them nor am I a “big fan”. They are funny, and used in the right situation it´s even more funny. But as always you can overdo it.

    Q: So which is your favourite breed?

    A: American Shorthair

    Q: Tell me all about your philosophies on mapping and modding. What got you started? Are there any great modders who have inspired you?

    A: I am a person who thinks very sterical. Constructing and building things is interesting for me. The first editor was the one for Age of Empires 2, I spent oodle of time with it. When I played my first (and still one of the best) First-Person-Shooter, Jedi Knight: Jedi Outcast, I again searched for the editor and found the GtkRadiant. Darth Arth´s Mapping Academy and its tutorials really helped me to get started. At the moment I´m finding out how to actually *design* a level. It´s a very complex topic and an interesting too. Books and tutorials help me to get these things mastered. One thing I think I have already mastered are the mapping technics. From VIS optimisation to shaping quad- and trisoup terrain, nothing isn´t a big deal anymore.
    BUT, there is one thing which is veeeery important: Concentration! Keep focusing on your project, this isn´t only essential for mapping! Though I´m not god I´d like to say this aspect to everyone.

    Q: How do you feel about dogs and the popular idea that cats and dogs don’t get along?

    A: In most cases it´s true that they don´t get along very well. Exceptional cases exsist. My dog really likes cats but cats don´t like my dog. :D

    Q: Where do you think cats will be in the future?

    A: There won´t be any changes. (Do you want me to say that cats are ruling the world?!)

    Q: Do you think nine is a lucky or unlucky number for cats?

    A: Man, what questions are you asking? Cats can´t count so they don´t care.

    Q: How many cats would it take to defeat a frost troll in battle?

    A: Eh, I think you should stop playing Skyrim!

    Q: Heard any good Schrödinger jokes lately?

    A: No good ones, no.

    Q: Do cats dream?

    A: They do.

    Q: Did you know that sloths hair curves from their stomach around to their back? They’re the only mammal that does that.

    A: Seems like sloths are very unique.

    Q: What is the nearest lake where you live and how many cats do you think would it take to build a bridge across it?

    A: I think it would take only one cat to build a bridge across the Bodensee.

    Q: Do you like any of the larger cats, like lions and tigers and… and tigers?

    A: You forgot: puma, jaguar, leopard, cheetah, caracal and lynx, just to mention some. I don´t dislike any of them, why should I?

    Q: Have you got a favourite cat meme, photo or maybe even classical painting?

Well… There you have it. Everything you didn’t really need to know and were possibly too busy to ask Maddin about his love of cats. I hope this has taken as much time to read as it did to publish!

Kyle Katarn in Light and Dark

We have been seeing some questions about the options to play through the game as either dark or light side, so I thought it might be useful to detail our thoughts on this.

As we have previously mentioned, in Jedi Betrayal, you return to the role of Kyle Katarn just a short time after the events of the dark side ending of Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. Jaden Korr has defeated Kyle in battle, and in making his escape, brought down the ceiling of the temple on Kyle. Kyle has been rescued, and is now hunting for Jaden so he can recover the Scepter of Ragnos.
Jaden and Kyle battle on Korriban
Kyle has always been an interesting character, in that he never seems to easily fit fully into the light or dark side concept. You typically have the option to play as either, but at his core, Kyle tends to be more of an independent soul. He often comes across as conflicted – he ultimately has good intentions, but he doesn’t always see the light side as the most effective way to do what needs to be done.

We have tried to preserve this concept for Jedi Betrayal, although the events leading up to the current story may have actually led Kyle down a potentially darker path. He sees his own failures piling up. He feels responsible for the death of his student, Rosh Penin, at the hand of Jaden. He feels responsible for failing to keep Jaden away from the dark side. And he feels responsible for losing the Scepter of Ragnos, which in the wrong hands is still a very dangerous weapon. The weight of all this responsibility is beginning to wear on Kyle, and it shows in the story we have created.

Kyle is a man with a very specific purpose – to correct his failures and prevent the potential disaster that may result. While his goal may be honorable, Kyle does work with his own set of rules, and it will be up to you, the player, how he accomplishes these.

We are attempting to craft Jedi Betrayal in such a way that fans of both light and dark side gameplay will feel at home. However, in true “Kyle” fashion, neither method of gameplay will necessarily steer him from his goal. With Kyle, whether he avoids combat and helps people, or relishes combat and kills people, everything he does is simply a means to an end. Light or dark, Kyle is intent on stopping Jaden Korr.
Kyle Katarn
We are attempting to stay with the spirit of the other Jedi Knight games, so at one point in the game, the player will make a solid decision that will affect the ending. As in previous games, there will be a light and a dark side ending. This does not necessarily mean that Kyle will become a full-fledged light or dark Jedi at the end – he will still be Kyle, shaped by his experiences, his past decisions, and his own motivations. With each ending, however, it should be quite obvious which direction Kyle is headed.

We have spent a great deal of effort crafting the story from a basic overall plot, including a couple of complete rewrites, and taken it down to the details of each mission. We are quite happy with the results, and the final experience should satisfy fans of both light and dark side, as well as middle-of-the-road gameplay, all while still preserving the sense of who Kyle Katarn is as a person, as he has developed throughout the Jedi Knight series. We look forward to your own opinions once the final mod is released.