Hello everybody out there !

I’m AshuraDX, and I’m here to announce: don’t worry! We are still alive, and we are making progress! This time you wont get any “useless” interviews about pets (sorry Maddin).

Today I’m here to present you our Selkath model , which will be released as a small preview for the type of high-quality models you are going to see in this mod.

Jumansoft Selkath model, created by AshuraDX

The Selkath was modeled and textured by me, and voiced by KillerTruffle.

I think we’ll soon have the Selkath model up for download, so keep checking the site. The model will also be submitted to JK3files and MODDB.

I promise you, this team is not dead, and from now on we’ll try to keep the news stories on-topic.

Oh, and before I forget, we have something else for you. The Selkath isn’t the only new model we have finished by now.


Maybe you can already guess who this is…

That’s it for now. Goodbye and have a nice day.

The model is now live on ModDB. You can download it here.