(article originally written by KillerTruffle)

Well, it’s obviously been a few years since our last update, and has happens far too often with independent mods, life got in the way for many of us, and yes, production stalled. I think all of us were disappointed with that fact, and several of us actually stuck it out, kept plugging away, and revised interim goals to keep making progress – and we did keep making progress.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough, and the scope of the project for those of us still involved became too great. We had laid out what was not just a mod, but essentially a full sequel to Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy. We developed a full plot outline spanning 9 missions, complete with a light and dark side ending, with a full script and full voice acting, animated cutscenes using the game engine, boss fights, secrets… basically everything you’d find in a full game. We were even developing some of our own character models, textures, weapons, a couple of new Force powers, and even a new fantastic-looking HUD. And we had some pretty awesome talent in all these areas.

What we didn’t have was the crazy amount of time it takes to actually put all this together. We had real jobs, many were still in school, and several other commitments that didn’t allow us to spend every waking moment putting this mod together. And so, here we are.

This is a dream most of us didn’t want to give up on, but logistically, it’s just much larger in scope than we have time for. Several of the team recently connected again, and came to a decision that we didn’t want all that work to be wasted. As a result, we’re releasing all materials we gathered or created for this mod to the public. This includes both complete and incomplete material.

Please note that not everything has been included yet – we weren’t able to contact some of our key members still, and at least one or two of us had drive failures that lost some of the content. Anything we do come across will be added.

You may feel free to use any of this material, free of charge, for NON-COMMERCIAL purposes – you can’t use it in anything you intend to sell or make money from. Anything you do use, we simply ask that you credit the appropriate person for the material used. And if you do end up using any of this content, drop us a line! We’d love to check it out.

Without further ado, the link.