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Welcome and thank you for your interest in our Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy modification, Jedi Betrayal. We'd all like to hear as much as we can about you, how you found out about us and what you hope to do to make this enterprise a success.

It will greatly improve your chances of being accepted if all these fields are completed as fully as possible:

Usernames: Obviously we can see what your name is, but if you're known by other names on other forums, or we may have heard of you before you may want to declare that here.

Occupation: Just type n/a if you don't want to get into what you do in real life here, but often it helps us to understand you better if we have some appreciation of what you do for a living.

Age: Maturity, and your ability to function in a team environment is a factor here, which we don't judge exclusively by a person's age. However again, it may give us some indication as to the weight of the demands we might place on you.

Previous Experience: What experience do you have with level design, coding, acting... etc that you feel makes you an asset to our team. Please do post any links to all work that will give us some indication of what we can expect from you. And a detailed description of any previous experience that may be relevant to what we're doing here.

Team Role: What would you like to do here? For the most part, our team members have a tendency to take on many roles, we'd like our voice actors involved in story and dialogue development. Our mappers involved in all areas of level and environment design, and so on. How do you see yourself contributing to this mod project?

Some official sounding titles you may wish to use are:

-Level Designer
-3D Artist (Modeler)
-Concept Artist
-EFX Artist
-Graphic Designer (designs interface art)
-Sound Designer (creates sound effects)
-Texture Artist
-Voice Actor (obviously, decent recording hardware is a must-have, software to remove static etc. would also be great)

Currently, we are not accepting beta testers OR voice actors. Also, SHOW US WHAT YOU CAN DO. Pictures, audio samples and videos speak volumes and will go a long way to getting you noticed.

There will be at least a 24 hour wait for your application to be processed, as only the mod directors can do this. While that is happening, it will improve your chances of being accepted if you are seen to be active and posting in the areas open to you.

To all that wish to apply:
Feel free to cut and paste the following into your application so you can conveniently fill out the required fields.




[b][color=#FFBF00]Previous Experience[/color][/b]:

[b][color=#FFBF00]Team Role[/color][/b]:

- Acting Mod Director

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